Defi-Search x Frontier AMA

We had great pleasure of welcoming Palash Jain, Co-Founder and CMO, of Frontier on our Telegram channel for the purpose of letting the community ask questions, which they have always wanted to be answered.

The following is a recap of the event.


My background has been in Marketing and PR. Got started in Crypto back in 2017 worked for Singapore based marketing company Talenta, then focused on PR, Branding, and Marketing for multiple projects.

At Frontier, as CMO, I oversee all aspects of Frontierʼs marketing, community, PR, and brand awareness.

To explain Frontier in layman’s terms:

Frontier App is a DeFi Aggregator / one shop stop for DeFi.

Users can track their DeFi Positions like Liquidity pools, Lending positions, CDPs, Staking etc and also manage their positions using one single App at one single place.

Few things which highlights our product, compared to other Aggregators.

- We do both DeFi protocol and Wallet aggregation. ( We integrate DeFi protocols natively in App, and also we aggregate mobile wallets such that, you can connect wallets + Frontier and do everything in one single place)

- We are chain -Agnostic aggregator, most of the interface/ aggregator are only eth focused. we support defi across multiple chains.

Queston 1:

The website says that “$ FRONT will subsidize gas fees on transactions made within the Frontier Suite of applications.” What applications are included in the “Frontier Suite of applications”?


Gassless txn is one of the utility we are working on. To give you little more understanding of how we are going to acheive.

We will be using Relayer infrastructure, which is basically like a smart contract loaded with eth, and pays on behalf of users. we can further optimise the gas spending by using Chi token, or batch transactions together.

Application suite here means — iOS, Android and soon to come ( Web interface)

Users would need to stake X $FRONT to be eligible to get free/near free txn. we are working on the economics around it

Question 2:

Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project?


We initially started building a “Crypto DeFi Wallet” back in early 2019. DeFi was still small with like 9 -10 protocols, the gas was not “that” expensive and not many degen defi folks.

So, Frontier was a go-to defi App on mobile, where users can track all defi positions in one single place. and then we understood that, users dont want to import seed/private from one wallet to other wallet.

we came up with a solution called TxLink which is basically like: Wallet connect for Mobile wallets to connect with Frontier. such that user never imports the seed/private keys. just connects wallet to frontier via TxLink and sign the transaction.

The influence: People are more on Mobile. Providing simple and easy UI/UX to access defi on mobile is a way to adoption!

Question 3:

Is there a fee for using your app to track position, liquidity pools and staking?


Our Apps are completely free to use. We dont charge fees from users to use the Apps.

Do tracking, manage defi, explore defi, and staking 📈

Question 4:

Interconnecting DeFi projects is easy, but Cexs are not so easy. How do you connect Frontier to the centralized exchanges? Do you have an account in each of these exchanges?


our focus is to be the bridge between CeFi and DeFi. CeFi doesnt has be CEX’s

Think more like: On/Off Fiat ramps to DeFi and Crypto. This is our long term focus, how do we on-board folks who are out of crypto.

Question 5:

What is the utility of Frontier ? What does determine the value/price for it, is there anything within your ecosystem that increases the demand for the Frontier ?


Question 6:

Would you need more people in your team/ambassadors/marketers?


we are working on introducing ambassadors event for the community to enhance the participation, and also amplify the integrations, product features we do.

In part we have done some community drops and events. this is something we’ll keep on doing often.

Question 7:

When do you plan to implement Polkadot& KUSAMA chains ?


YES! We are big fans of Polka DeFi. We are engaging conversation with Teams building on top of polka — Wallets to integrate, DeFi Protocols like Stafi etc

We are bullish on Polka DeFi, Frontier ( $FRONT) will have its own Polka flavour action coming soon!

Question 8:

Can you please tell us if you are doing an extension similar to metamask also for browsers and how would you compare yourself to other platforms like Zapper/debank , is that you closest competition and if so what makes you better than them and diferent?


We wont be doing extension like metamask. our roadmap is more mobile focused — Improving the current UX, making the App much much faster, quick integrations of DeFi Protocols for Tracking and Manage.

Zapper/Debank are DeFi interfaces. the niche is same, but we focus on mobile. other aggregators are focused on web and only eth.

Two things which makes us different.

We do DeFi better on mobile — The focus on mobile will help us in longer run to capture more users who want to on-board to defi/crypto.
We are chain agonstic — one stop shop for DeFi across all chains.

Question 9:

Apart from huobi and uniswap where else would you add front token for trading?


There’s bunch of CEX’s and DEX’s we are listed on Tier 1s and mid. you should check out has pretty much covered everything

Question 10:

How do you make sure that I can capture value of frontier with the token? Governance seems like a useless attribute. Afterall I do not need the token to use the platform


It’s a governance token to govern the main chain once launched and honestly has not a ton of bearing on the next 6–12 months of development. We need to run enough forecasts or study fallout from all of these current “governance” tokens to see if the model even works. Community input also matters a ton with regard to governance so it’s nothing we’re rushing.

We might even use native $FRONT for it so it’s all up in the air. Roadmap for $gFRONT will become clearer with time so I suspect things will change around how we manage it. Governance today will be different than what people expect from it in 2021. I’m sure of this. The job for us will be to find the best model that works for everyone when the time comes for it.

In addition to that we used the opportunity to organize an in-depth interview, with Ravindra Kumar the CEO and Co-Founder of Frontier, being hosted by our partner and friends of A11Crypto.

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