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We had great pleasure of welcoming Amarnath Reddy, Founder of Nord Finance, as well as Jignesh Vasoya Co-Founder and CTO, on our Telegram channel for the purpose of letting the community ask questions, which they have always wanted to be answered. Join our Telegram channel now and become part of the community.

The following is a recap of the event:


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Amarnath | Nord Finance
Hello Everyone ! Happy to be here

My self Amarnath CEO of Nord Finance , I have been into crypto since 2017 end, the exact last bull run. I was fascinated by the technology and volatility of the industry, we then Co-Founded Amesten Asset (crypto Hedge fund) along with Sachin jain, taking care of operations and Research analyst for early-stage blockchain startups.
After leaving from Amesten in Sept 2020 , I have Co-founded Nord Finance along with @jigneshvasoya who is lead Developer at Tezos India Foundation , he also worked on financial platforms with Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric.

Nord finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem. We want to be an investment banking on DeFi .

Question 1:

BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE features/improvements you are planning to add to your products in the near future and the Ecosystem?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

At Nord Finance, we are building a one-stop advanced decentralized financial ecosystem for its user’s investments to meet their financial goals. Within the Nord Finance ecosystem, we are building 4 key products:
Allows optimizing returns through a multi-chain yield-farming mechanism for stable coin investments with the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. To maximize returns, the protocol employs the highest risk-adjusted APY’s. Whereas it leverages the DeFi Score framework to assess and analyze the dynamics of protocol risks. Nord.Savings provides a seamless interface to access the world of DeFi-based yield farming effortlessly without any technical implications as the traditional financial counterparts.


An inbuilt robo-advisory service designed to chalk out profitable and customized investment strategies for investors to hold better positions based on their financial goals. The automated robo service analyzes the user profile and evaluates personalized investment solutions that will help accomplish the users’ financial goals by employing a diversified portfolio. The data-driven proprietary algorithms facilitate unleashing the potential of a certain portfolio by executing smart investment tactics. This service is a revolutionary move as the technical nitty-gritty of the DeFi landscape might seem a bit complex for novice users, thus demanding assistance for the same.


DeFi users can leverage their crypto investments to their greatest potential by pledging them in smart contracts to avail loans for unanticipated circumstances. The process to avail of an instant over-collateralized loan is quite uncluttered and hassle-free. This is a smart alternative to borrowing loans without liquidating the crypto assets to meet financial obligations. It also offers a personal overdraft facility with the benefit of paying interest while withdrawing the amount.


Built on the Ethereum Network, Nord.Swap is a blockchain agnostic permissionless instant swap protocol driving cross-communication and interaction of virtual digital assets effortlessly. The future of decentralization rests in multi-chain. Therefore, Nord.Swap powers innovation by offering a multi-chain swap facility for DeFi users. This is one of the essential aspects of a decentralized future.

We will have Nord Savings V1 on ethereum by Jan end

Question 2:

What’s your next development step? What do you want to achieve next year 2021?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

Nord Savings V1 on ethereum is planned to be launched in Jan 2021, followed by our liquidity mining program and applying stable coin yield farming strategies. Savings V2 is planned in Q1 2021 which will be extended to other blockchains such as the binance chain , matic , tezos and polka dot ( not in any particular order). Then we have a road map to launch swaps, loans and advisory etc.. . More can be found at

Question 3:

Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread, Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently #NORD FINANCE ? thank 😍 I would like to have a long term investment with your project #NORD FINANCE but at the moment I have doubts, how can you convince and convince me that this project is very promising? I would like to have a long term investment with your project #NORD FINANCE but at the moment I have doubts, how can you convince and convince me that this project is very promising?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

We agree about having collaborations to widespread accessibility to DeFi , for this reason we have given our priority to be partnered with highly reputed projects across ecosystems like Frontier , Biconomy and Zokyo . We are also in talks with few of strategic investors and some mojor other blockchains as well . More to onboard with us soon .

Question 4:

Are you planning to burn or buy back any tokens from the market in the future? Do you have such programs?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

We as a product to survive for long run we will have small fees to onboard users and give continuous returns. We will have an entry load and profit share model to support our revenue and sustain the project for long run. It is a small fee for example in the case of savings product its 0.5% entry + 5% of profit share
As part of our revenue model we have some % of funds used to buy back our own token and move the same to the treasury. This will help us to believe in accumulating our own token and indirectly help to lock circulation supply from the market.

Question 5:

Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to #your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?


Our goal is to lower entry bariier and create simple user experience so that Defi doesn’t seem hard to a regular crypto user
we’ll also try to extend the similar strategy to on-board non-crypto users onto our platform becaue we’re building the product which exists in traditional finacne world on decentralised world

Question 6:

Is Your project a Global project ?
Is any of the local communities restricted from contributing to the project ?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

We are DeFi project and it is meant for global out reach, the word decentralized finance itself means there is no boundaries , permission less , transparent and non custodial.

Question 7:

Q.1-Increasing Token price
2- make Token Valuable
3-Building Community Trust

From 3 aspects above,. I want to ask,. Which one the most important for you??
If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first??


building a secure product that adds value to our users is and will be the primary target for us
we’ll be involving our community in doing so
this shall take care of community trust and making/increasing token value

Question 8:

Are you partnering with any big exchange?

What problems is your token going to solve

Amarnath | Nord Finance

We have our IDO on polkastarter on 12th Jan and immediately listing on Uniswap same day with $373K initial market cap with very low initial supply of 4.14%.
NORD Finance Whitelist Form — Phase 1 completed with overwhelming 11k entries
NORD Finance Whitelist Form — Phase 2 i Starts at 9th Jan 2021 at 12:00PM UTC

We will have listing on centralized exchange as well very soon to cater the demands .
$NORD is the native governance token belonging to the Nord Finance ecosystem. Its primary utilities include voting, staking, and employing yield farming strategies across different DeFi platforms.

$NORD token has various utilities in the Nord Finance financial ecosystems:

Liquidity Mining: Platform users can mine $NORD by participating in liquidity mining programs.

Token Buyback : % of funds from the fundmangement fee will be used to buy back our $NORD token and move the same to the treasury.

Staking: Users can stake their $NORD tokens and earn passive rewards by locking their crypto.

Incentivizing programs: Users can earn $NORD tokens as incentives by platform participation.

Distributing Fee Rewards: The native $NORD token will facilitate distributing rewards to users for various contests and community giveaways.

Community governance: The $NORD token holders will earnestly participate in the protocol’s governance by voting on various proposals regarding product upgrades.

Cross Chain Settlement: The $NORD token will expedite swaps with compatible blockchain seamlessly.

Question 9:

I am a professional vulnerability finder on the web, do you think Your system is secure enough from hackers? Does your project have a program that rewards individual vulnerability detection of the system?


that’s so nice
our contracts are being audited currently and we plan to release the product once we have satisfied all security requirements
given that, we are always open for community contributors

Question 10:

Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?


we have plans to engage and reward our community to get involved in product development and feedback

Question 11:

What in particular can lead to a rise or fall of the APY? Is it just the big picture of the bull or bear market or are there other influencing factors?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

There are two different factors

One is supply APY is mostly based on supply / demand of that particular asset being supplied.

Second is distribution APY , this comes as reward by supplying your asset mostly in the form of governance token . This APY is always depends on the price of the native token

Question 12:

We are living in the advent of YIELD FARMING and Liqiudity Mining, can you share your personal opinion on Yield Farming and also Briefly explain your Liquidity Mining Program? big problem for a lot of Defi projects seems to be that when farming starts, the price goes down because people unload to put liquidity into the farm. Will there be an incentive to hold and not just farm and dump?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

Yield farming has its own merits like earning additional APY and accumulating governance token for future participation. Main issue with the LM / Farming is inflation of the rewards token which will have a direct impact on the price .

To tackle the same projects need to bring value in holding the token and try to use methods to reward the holders . There can be different ways like buyback , staking , governance etc..

Question 13:

How are you planning to stand out in the midst of competition?

What makes you different from other defi projects?

What other utilities are you and your team working on?

Amarnath | Nord Finance

at nord finance we wanted to build a user centric one stop solution for all the financial needs . That motivates us to build our product portfolio very strong .We keep the users and interface at highest priority . Wrt utilities i have already answered above


Amarnath | Nord Finance

I think we have answered most of the question , if not you are welcome to come to our community and get it clarified.

We have our IDO on polkastarter on 12th Jan and immediately listing on Uniswap same day with $373K initial market cap with very low initial supply of 4.14%.

The total supply of Nord Finance is capped at 10,000,000 $NORD.
510,000 $NORD is allocated to seed round investors at 0.45$.
1,590,000 $NORD are allocated to private sale round at 0.63$.
100,000 $NORD are allocated to the public sale (IDO) at 0.9$.

Initial circulation supply of $NORD token will be 714,761, i.e., 7.147% of total supply, out of this 300,000 tokens are allocated for liquidity provision and locked on exchanges.
Effective Initial Circulation supply is 414,761 $NORD.

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