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We had great pleasure of welcoming Sandeep, Founder of Playcent, on our Telegram channel for the purpose of letting the community ask questions, which they have always wanted to be answered. Join our Telegram channel now and become part of the community.


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I am Sandeep, Co-founder and CEO at Playcent.
I have worked with an early stage investment firm since 2017 and has plenty of network connections in the Blockchain and gaming industry.

I started Playcent with my Co-Founder Jay in late 2019 when we found an opportunity for a No code platform to democratize software development.

Creating software has evolved ever since the internet, yet there is not so much of familiarity with the same. It takes expertise for creating such software and the drive to take it from very scratch to production is quite a bit of a task.

That’s when we have thought of creating a base for creating software on which users can build upon. That’s how the idea for playcent has begun.

Playcent is a blockchain based user generated content platform for interactive apps and games. It’s a remix tool that anyone can use to make interactive games, dapps, and NFTs based on the various templates created by independent developers.

TikTok popularized “remix” culture ( users remixing existing video and audio clips ) and has grown to billions of users, but Playcent wants to go one step further by making dapps, games, and NFTs remixable.

Mad Max
Thanks that sounds very exciting, the bridge between apps/content/nfts and blockchain is a usecase that many projects try to solve. What would you say would incentivize people enough to use playcent instead of another platform?
Can you explain a bit more how this “template” works and how easy it is for less experienced programers?

Developers, creators and consumers are key to the platform. we will be having a developer reward program where developers will be creating unique templates using which non-techies remix, customize and launch their own version of apps using the visual interfaces we provide.

you can think of it like wix or wordpress for dapps & games, where you can clone the templates we provide and customize visually.

we will be having several reward programs like playmining where we plan to onboard creators and developers and reward them for their activity

Mad Max
When comparing this to tiktok and remix in general, why would you say does this platform itself need any token or blockchain? Afterall did TikTok conquer the world and its success story was mainly due to it being an easy to use app. Is the whole blockchain/token detail something that makes the UX slower for the average user?

How easy will it be for people to interact and use these templates?

Having a token ecosystem in place enables us to build a truly community governed DAO and to transparently reward users based on the activity they provide to the Playcent network.

We have already abstracted blockchain for the end users by integrating social logins, gasless transactions etc., as we are building for the main stream users.

Non-techies can launch their own apps on our beta under 15 minutes and they don’t even require to know about blockchain in general.

Here is a quick start guide:

Mad Max
Okay thats a very important aspect cause most dapps have always failed due to the very bad user experience. You have put more thoughts into this than other projects.
Are you planning for iOS and Android integration as well? That people can interact from the phone?

we have already took care of distribution, all the playcent apps and games are just web urls, so these work any where on the internet ( fb, twitter, whatsapp etc.,) . Thats one of the unique edge which we have over our competitors. we plan to launch mobile version in q3-q4 2020 for our Esports platform

Question 1
Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?

Today, software development is highly specialized and its availability is limited to a small handful of people with classical training. Millions of users come online for the first time, the need for content and software will only continue to increase.

If we continue to approach the development of software using current patterns, we will not be able to meet this new demand. A few large multinationals will outsizedly control and shape the connected experience for newly-connected populations.

our vision is to democratize software development by allowing non-techies to easily create interactive apps, games, dapps and other user generated content in minutes.

Question 2
The future is less and less uncertain but in the world of technology we can predict that it will continue to evolve to the point of becoming very competitive when offering different products to consumers.How would PLAYCENT adapt to the demands of consumers? new users?

we will be having a developer reward program to encourage developers to build latest templates which will fully replicate functionalities of native apps itself. our aim is to add ~500 different templates to the platform.

A template can be annything which replicate a functionality of other apps
NFT creator, linktree alterative, cameo alternative, dapp builder etc.,

Question 3
Can brand and social media influencers can take part in PLAYCENT? What are its advantages to them?

Brands/ influencers spends thousands of dollars to reskin the existing games or apps to launch marketing campaigns, using playcent they can customize the templates which we provide and launch production ready games/apps under 30 minutes.

we reduce development time and cost for them.

we also provide social token infrastructure using which they can monetize from their community ( selling NFTs, digital goods, accepting donations, selling paid articles, merch etc., )

Question 4
Where are your tokens used? What are the main applications products and services Your provide for users?

1: No code interfaces to launch your own dapps, games, NFTs
2: Community governed platform that rewards it’s network participants based on their Activity
( Gamers, Developers & Creators )
3: Creator tools that enable influencers to issue a social token and monetize using creator kit

$PCNT is the governance token in the Playcent ecosystem which lives on both Matic and Ethereum chains. It will be used as a base ecosystem payment currency, to stake in the system, and as a governance token when the governance module is launched.

Token holders can stake, participate in the governance, and also control the treasury funds.

Question 5
I see from your online content that you focus on E-Sports seriously. Why is it so important for Playcent? What are your main plans over E-Sports?

so currently most of the templates are simple games. we will be working on a sdk when integrated turns simple hypercasual games to real money 1–1 competitive games.

we believe competitive gaming + digital collectibles is a trojan horse to onboard mainstream users to crypto

Question 6
Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?

Playcent charges 5–10% transaction fees on all the payments on Playcent platform. Utilizing basic features of the product for free, and charging for any premium content (Example: Social token available as payment requires the user to have its premium unlocked).

Question 7
I understand that your creator platform is mainly focused on digital creators, however, do you offer any type of support, SDK to start from scratch, any infrastructure or environment on which to develop your templates or applications?

all the templates will be mostly simple javascript based apps, we provide maximum control to users over visual interfaces. However, even if there are any limitations in visual mode, we provide code view where we run visual studio on the server and provide full source code access, using which you can add your own feature if you are a developer and launch it.

Question 8
Can you describe about governance model of PLAYCENT ecosystem? Who is in charge of governing the system, what is needed to be eligible for being authorized? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Through PCNT, Playcent will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization. This process occurs as PCNT is distributed among users.

initially only team will be taking key decision votes but once we onboard a good community, token holders can participate

More info:

Question 9
Playcent token build on both ethereum and matic chain. How people can swap their token from one chain to another? Will Playcent support transaction on both chain?

you can swap using the pos bridge we provide. currently playcent support both eth and matic chains. we plan to support multiple chains over the coming months

Question 10
What is Remixing?and what are Rewards Engine How can I benefit from it?

remixing is the process where you clone the templates which we provide, customize and launch your own games or apps.

Through rewards engine, we will actively reward developers, creators and consumers based on the value they bring to the platform

Mad Max
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