We had great pleasure of welcoming Mik from LOCGame, on our Telegram channel for the purpose of letting the community ask questions, which they have always wanted to be answered. Join our Telegram channel now and become part of the community.


🔗 Website: https://locgame.io/
🌎 Telegram: https://t.me/loc_game
📢 Twitter: https://twitter.com/LOCgameio?s=20
📘 Discord: https://discord.gg/Y25mMbFz
💰 Investors: https://medium.com/locgame/legendsofcrypto-loc-completes-strategic-investment-round-93a1010f8286

This first part consists of a Q&A with us, while the second part is open for the public.

Hey nice to meet you @mikmiro can you briefly introduce yourself and explain us what Legends of Crypto is?

Hey guys nice to meet you. Good to be here.

Sure, let me start with some bragging lol

So I am Mik Mironov, founder of LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame) and RBL Labs (a part of Crypto Rebel). I am in blockchain since 2015, crypto 2017 and otherwise i have had a looooong career as a banker and also with Airbnb here in Amsterdam.

Tell us something fast about your motivation to get involved with NFTs and how you came up with the idea of LOC.

let’s continue with the intro
oh that’s a good one re the NFTs
I am in love with them since 2018 when I met Crypto Kitties guys the first time in Hong Kong at some crypto conference

I have been doing some digital art and have a small collection on OpenSea
and I also love crypto industry
it is really the best to work, earn, play and have lots of fun
we know how to make jokes about ourselves, dry humour and it all helps to survive the bear market and the ups and downs of BTC

end of 2020 with my co-founders we were contemplating the cards for crypto legends
famous charachters we are all familiar with
and came with the idea to turn them into a top trump card game
as a tribute to the crypto currencies triumph and people who made it a history
we put our hearts into desigining the cards and the characters you guys are all familiar with
such as the Whale, Market Maker, HODLer, ICO Millionaire and many many more
so you can collect — play — earn and have fun at the same time
and i stop here

Okay thanks lets get fast into your plans before we dive into the project itself.
Everyone who has been following your telegram, knows that you have been doing competitions and giveaways. So it is really worth paying attention.

Besides that you have been able to convince reputable VCs/Funds
with your idea, who clearly see this idea having potential to take off.
What is your plan for a sale or a way that the community can get their hands on these NFTs and get involved, besides giveaways?

So our SHO is on DAOMaker 28 April, less than 2 weeks ahead. And we will have an opportunity with some exchanges as well. Stay tuned!

We are also VERY community centric, so lots of opportunities with the upcoming competitions, spotlights and sneak peeks on the cards where we ask community to propose tag lines, meme competitions and many more
you guys should join and part take! we will reward early supporters.

Okay great so everyone make sure to stay tuned and follow the TG and discord.

We all know that NFTs have created major awareness, far beyond crypto, with even NBA, the NYSE and actors releasing their NFTs etc.

Art in the real world as well as NFTs have a subjective value. So for people it is hard to put a price tag on a specific item.
From your perspective, how do you plan to give the NFT cards of celebrities and influencers of LOC lasting value?
What would you say makes this cardgame unique and how do you “bootstrap” this cardgame?

Well, to avoid misunderstanding, our genesis edition is dedicated to the charachters that make the industry, not particular people. Though we will have some cards added later dedicated to prominent REAL people.
In terms of value

We thought of our cards to be both collectible and playable game assets, hence the value accrues from both ends. For collectible part we push for top class art and design making the cards rather unique and working with prominent artists and designers.
Plus there is a solid rarity system in place on the level of cards and decks
as far as the game asset goes, we are working on many defi perks such as NFT staking where you can stake the cards and get rewards in LOCG token as % from the prize pools and other incentives

in terms of uniqueness, well it is the first top trump card game on blockchain. and our ambition is to be n1 NFT card game in its category. To make this famous table card more exciting online we developed a gameplay that some fans of top card games like magic the gathering etc will recognize

and in terms of bootstrapping, our focus right now is on building the world class talent within RBL Labs and LOCGame, which will lead our company to success

reach out if you are excited and want to help out
let me take a typing break lol

Ok so we have several questions about our social responsibility and 10% donation from the NFT sale. We pledged to donate 10% from all NFT sales from our native marketplace. For this we went into partnership with Little Phil, a blockchain based donation app from Australia that makes donation transparent and fun. We picked our first good cause to donate to and later our community will decide where this 10% will go to.

Are the LOC Tokens needed in the tournaments and how will the players be able to access it to win NFT cards ?


Good question! We envisioned tournaments for people who advance themselves on the leaderboard. To win other NFT cards you will need to own some. But there will be several type of tournaments where you ll be able to play for prize pools in LOCG tokens too.

So many Rug Pulls and exit scam are happening now. How we can trust this project and believe you are not same like them?

Well, let’s remember we are in the real of startups where some win and some fail. In 2017 I joined ICORating to bring some order to the ICO chaos and while we analyzed lots of projects, many were not a scam but just of very bad quality — team-wise, product-fit wise etc. In our case, rest assured we work very hard to make it happen. The trust of our private investors speaks for itself.

Very little public confirmation of project progress. Can you share the current progress of your project?

Articles in media are coming, stay tuned. Check out Crypto Lark latest video, he talks about us, New Kids on the Block did a great review on Youtube. There are actually several publications out there recently on BTCManager and Bitcoin.com will cover us soon as well. stay tuned

What is the most ambitious goal of the project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

Our goal is to be n1 NFT card game on the market. The exciting thing to look forward to is the launch of our native marketplace in coming weeks, our early supporters and investors will be invited. We will be releasing sneak peeks to our playing cards on Medium starting from this week onwards. Stay tuned.

The Community support is one most important to make biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have some any plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Absolutely. From day one we engage with our users and will have a beta testing program with rewards and perks. On top of that an ambassador program is coming up and other initiatives.

Do you have a plan to identify your team later?Almost every investor is interested in large Defi projects as it delivers high returns and is fast. For what reasons can convince small and large investors to trust and invest in your project?

guys, most of our team is on our website locgame.io

Staking is a great way to hold investors and rewards user. Does your project support staking?

we will support staking yes for both our tokens and NFT cards

Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to cryption who are still not in the crypto world specially as a new project entering to crypto. What are the plans to increase awareness about cryption around in non-crypto space?

this is a great question. Our target market at first seems fairly limited to crypto folks, however the game we build is very versatile with card decks extandable to categories suited for mass market like, cities, movies, sport players etc. We will be lots of partnerships to bring it to mainstream.

Alright guys, I need a typing assistant to answer your questions. You are all wonderful and thanks for all your questions. Sorry that I was not able to answer them all.

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